In March 2007, the school purchased a property for the sum of £400,000. The full amount was collected from our generous Muslim brothers and sisters, as interest free loans (Qarze Hasna).

We need to repay back our interest free loans to many brothers and sisters. Therefore, we are appealing to you (brothers and sisters) to assist us and join in the reward of the continuous daily Ibadat that is taking place by the children in our school.

The likeness of those who spend their riches in the way of Allah Ta’ala is as the likeness of a grain that grows seven ears and in each ear a hundred grains; and Allah Ta’ala multiplies unto whom He wills, and Allah Ta’ala is Bountiful, All Knowing. (Holy Quraan 2:261).

Donations can be made in a number of ways


By Cheque

Payable to Siddiqiyya Educational Trust™ and sent to the address below:

Account name: Siddiqiyya Educational Trust

Bank Account: Barclays Bank plc, 8/14 Darwen St, Blackburn, Lancs

UK Sort Code: 20-09-72      

Account No: 00816876

By direct bank transfer

Bank: Barclays Bank plc

Sort code: 20-09-72

Account number: 00816876

In person at a branch of Barclays with the above details. Alternatively a Standing Order can be arranged with your bank for frequent donations.

Download Standing Order form

All Donations are to be Lillah only. We pray that whatever we receive from you, Allah Suhanahu wa ta’ala will reward you richly in this life and in the Hereafter.